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E-commerce Solution
Solution Introduction
Burst Bandwidth
Advantages of BGP Solutions
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Solution Introduction
What the E-commerce industry concerns

  • High quality DC-level support
  • Flexible bandwidth charging options
  • Diversified elastic computing capacity
  • Lower capital expenditure and operating cos
  • Better IT service and SLA

Challenges before the E-commerce Industry

  • Burst traffic during a promotion campaign
  • Time-consuming and painful bandwidth adjustment by traditional tele-operators
  • Low user website visit efficiency due to the telecommunication resources split by China Netcom and China Telecom

Service Options
  • Lease: A monthly lease program for users to lease network equipments and other deliverables according to his needs;
  • CDN Expediting: A program targeted at solving the slow website opening speed problem caused by cross-tele-operator and cross-regional visit, low server load capacity, small bandwidth, etc;
  • System Integration: A program offering network planning and design, equipment selection and overarching structure of overall plans, etc;
  • Application Delivery Control: As an evolution version of traditional load balancers, the ADC can effectively relieve users of troubles in equipment deployment before the web server deployment;
Data Center
For more information about Data Center, please click here
Cloud Computing
With Cloud Computing technologies, the user can invest more resources available on more important applications and access the computing and storage systems according to specific needs.
IT Service
With SDS’s network service products, you now have the freedom to re-deploy staff and help them focusing on the challenges of key businesses and on planning the future.