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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) is a standardized protocol that transfers multiple digital bit streams synchronously over optical fiber, microwave or satellite networks composed of a number of SDH units. A SDH network is a comprehensive information network integrating multiple connection, information transmission and data exchange, controlled with a unified network management system. It is intended to help users achieve effective network management, dynamic network maintenance, business performance monitoring. As it can effectively improve network utilization rate, meet the data transmission and exchange needs of a data transmission network, and significantly enhance the quality of data transmission, the SDH technology has become one of the most popular digital transmission technologies in the latest IT development and application fields.
In addition to that, the transparency of the data transmission on a SDH network makes it easier for users to inter-connect the networks running by different telecommunication operators, e.g. the direct linkage between an optical network and a digital microwave network, meaning great convenience in networking and great compatibility of multiple networks. As a matter of fact, due to its short response time, low network latency, and abundant network interfaces, the SDH has gradually become the mainstream solution for a lot of enterprises.

SDH Services
  • WAN Inter-connection
  • High Efficiency Data Exchange
  • High Quality Video Conference
  • IP Business Inter-connection
  • Remote Monitoring

Advantages of SDH Technologies
  • Greater network management capacity: Enable users to meet early warning, performance monitoring, network configuration, network switching, business operation and other needs
  • Greater self-healing capacity: Adopt an intelligent detection feature to support SDH network management system and dynamic network configuration and make it easier for the SDH network to heal by itself
  • Higher network reliability: Quickly restore business operation at the time of any equipment or system failure
  • Greater horizontal compatibility: Put all the network interfaces under a unified standard, enable users to use equipments from different manufacturers on the same network

  • Easier transferring to a broadband comprehensive information network with the help of Asynchronous Transmission Mode
  • • More transparent information transmission
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