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Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd
Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd
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E-BGP Connection
SDS E-BGP Connection is a dedicated Internet access product simultaneously inter-connected with multiple telecommunication operators, boasting of high stability, high security and high availability.
Advantages of SDS E-BGP Connection
Network Management Services
Compared with average Internet connection
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Advantages of SDS E-BGP Connection

  • Nearly 10 year smooth BGP service operation
  • Focus on both connection stability and inter-connection of different networks running by different telecommunication operators
  • FOUR redundant gateways: Shanghai Telecom, Beijing Telecom, Shanghai Unicom and Shanghai Mobile
  • Built-in proactive 7/24/365 management services
  • Existing customers: online banking Operators, third-party payment system operators, enterprise core cross-network applications, top-level E-business runners

E-BGP E-BGP Network Traffic Sample

Data Center
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Cloud Computing
With Cloud Computing technologies, the user can invest more resources available on more important applications and access the computing and storage systems according to specific needs.
IT Service
With SDS’s network service products, you now have the freedom to re-deploy staff and help them focusing on the challenges of key businesses and on planning the future.
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