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Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd
Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd
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Internet access
In order to improve the Internet application in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and meet the need of enterprises located in the Park for better network communication, the SDS developed a SDS New Network in line with Cisco Network Solution. It’s an optical-fiber-based Gbps-level IP broadband access network covering the entire Park and one of the Top 10 2000 IT Projects in Pudong New District. 

The SDS New Network is an optical fiber network linking central computer cabinets and the computer rooms in all office buildings for users to exchange data at Gbps bit-rate. It provides users with plentiful broadband access points and guaranteed bandwidth. Particularly, it uses high-end exchange boards installed in the central computer cabinets to ensure redundant connection, and thereby, guarantee the bandwidth and stability of the network and the high reliability of data transmission. Sufficient standard Ethernet interfaces in users offices make it very convenient for the users to access to SDS high quality Internet experience.
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Telephone application agency

Apply for telephone services (including 30B+D) provided by major Chinese telecommunication operators on behalf of customers.

Network system design and construction

Provide users in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park with customized enterprise intranet design and construction services according to the user’s specific needs and resources currently available.

Telephone and network switching equipments purchase consultation and implementation

Provide the user with a list of telecommunication equipments with detailed information about different brands and models that matches the user’s needs, as well as solution recommendations and actual installation services. 

Internet broadband access and dedicated data line application

Due to the opening of the SDS Optical Fiber Platform in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, the enterprises in the Park suddenly found themselves having plentiful options when selecting the services provided by telecommunication operators. In short, we can help our customers to identify the most suitable bandwidth and the best data communication service provider according to actual needs and budget. 

Pipeline connection consultation and design

With this solution, we could provide customers with professional telecommunication consultation services according to the actual features and capacity of communication pipelines and facilities available in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Particularly, we are able to develop the most reasonable communication pipeline connection engineering plan and relevant budget design for users of office buildings of the Park. 
Data Center
For more information about Data Center, please click here
Cloud Computing
With Cloud Computing technologies, the user can invest more resources available on more important applications and access the computing and storage systems according to specific needs.
IT Service
With SDS’s network service products, you now have the freedom to re-deploy staff and help them focusing on the challenges of key businesses and on planning the future.
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