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Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd
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Company profile
Founded in July 1999 with government support, Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd (SDS) is committed to meeting corporate need for better information services. The SDS is mainly engaged in high quality data communication, value-added network and information system integration businesses. Particularly, we focus on providing companies, financial institutions and government agencies with private data exchange lines, internet access, data center, and network and information security management solutions. Up to now, we’ve been authenticated as one of Shanghai New and High Technology Companies by Shanghai Municipality Government and received the IDC, ISP and ICP certificates from China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It’s noteworthy that our Information Security Management System also received an ISO27001 Certificate.

We base our services on several data centers and abundant network and broadband resources, including the 3 data centers we’ve built and been operating in Shanghai. It’s particularly noteworthy that our IDX®, an industry-leading international data center, is built in line with the highest industrial level, the Tier 4 ANSI/TIA-942 standards.

Relying on solid network and data center resources, strong technical capacity, sophisticated operating experience accumulated during years of practice in providing customers with tailored services, we are able to offer a lot of governmental agencies, financial institutions and famous international organizations with effective and successful solutions. As always, we will stick to our “customer first and foremost, operating in good faith, people-oriented, efficiency and effectiveness” operating principles, make further business innovations, continuously improve our operations, and seek for ever greater perfection, to deliver our customers and the society something even better.
Data center
Cloud Computing
With Cloud Computing technologies, the user can invest more resources available on more important applications and access the computing and storage systems according to specific needs.
IT service
With SDS’s network service products, you now have the freedom to re-deploy staff and help them focusing on the challenges of key businesses and on planning the future.
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